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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS | Call us at 1-888-479-3089 to know about Special Deals
FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS | Call us at 1-888-479-3089 to know about Special Deals

About us

Vishnu Baburajan

Meghal VIjayan

Welcome to Opulent Recreations - Elevating Leisure, Embracing Luxury

At Opulent Recreations, we embrace the refined taste and discerning lifestyle of the elite. As purveyors of exclusive recreations and biohacking tools, we curate a collection of only the finest products, elevating your wellness to an unparalleled realm of opulence.

Our founders, Meghal Vijayan and Vishnu Baburajan, visionaries in their own right, shared an unyielding passion for elegance and sophistication. Both born into old-money families, they were surrounded by extravagance from an early age. However, they understood that true luxury transcends material possessions. For them, it was the art of indulging in leisurely pursuits that truly defined opulence.

In the lavish halls of their respective estates, Meghal and Vishnu realized that the pursuit of leisure was an art form in itself. They embarked on a quest to bring this revelation to the world, offering only the crème de la crème of health and wellness products.

Determined to offer an unparalleled experience, they sought out the most prestigious brands, handpicking each item with meticulous attention to detail. Opulent Recreations became synonymous with quality, exclusivity, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Our esteemed clientele are connoisseurs of excellence, seeking not just a game or entertainment but an affirmation of their esteemed status. At Opulent Recreations, we cater to their aspirations, curating a collection that reflects their refined taste.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where every moment of leisure is transformed into an extraordinary celebration of affluence. Discover a world where entertainment knows no bounds, and indulge in a life of leisure and extravagance at Opulent Recreations. Unveil the true art of opulence today.

Remember, at Opulent Recreations, we don't just cater to the elite club; we create an experience tailored for those who truly appreciate the finer things in life.

- Meghal and Vishnu