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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS | Call us at 1-888-479-3089 to know about Special Deals

Medical Sauna Frozen 7 ™ Cold Plunge

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Original price $11,649.00 - Original price $12,399.00
Original price $11,649.00
$11,649.00 - $12,399.00
Current price $11,649.00

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All of Medical Sauna plunges come with a 3 year warranty included, and if you have any problems with your chair, we will send technicians to come to your home to fix it completely FREE.

The Brand

Medical Sauna™ is a pioneering wellness brand that transcends traditional health boundaries with its advanced range of saunas and cold plunges. Conceived by a collective of seasoned doctors, our products are meticulously engineered to enhance physical and mental health.

By integrating the therapeutic virtues of full-spectrum infrared technology and the invigorating effects of cold water therapy, Medical Sauna™ offers a unique, dual approach to rejuvenation. Our saunas provide a sanctuary for detoxification and healing, while our cold plunges invigorate the senses and fortify resilience.

Each product is crafted with the utmost attention to safety, comfort, and durability, utilizing natural materials like Red Cedar, known for its medicinal properties. Medical Sauna™ delivers not just a product, but a transformative wellness experience, catering to those who seek balance, restoration, and an elevated way of life.


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We also offer White Glove Service. The Installation cost, if needed, is outlined below

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With Stairs (inside the home) - $750

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1. Does the Frozen Cold Plunge have any external, bulky equipment?
No, unlike many cold plunges with external equipment that can be a tripping risk, Frozen has a sleek design with everything integrated internally, enhancing safety and aesthetics.

2. Is the Frozen Cold Plunge self-cleaning?
Absolutely. Frozen features both a UV sanitization and a cutting-edge filtration system, ensuring consistently clean water.

3. Do I need to add ice to Frozen?
Not routinely. Set it to your desired temperature and Frozen maintains it. If you're kickstarting the cooling process, you can add ice initially. After that, it self-regulates, much like a chiller.

4. When I add water, will Frozen turn it into a solid block of ice?
No. While Frozen chills water close to freezing, it doesn't turn it entirely into ice. You can adjust the temperature as per your comfort, even to very cold levels if desired.

5. How energy-efficient is Frozen?
Very. Its energy consumption is on par with many standard beverage chillers.

6. Can I adjust the temperature to make Frozen warmer?
Yes. You can vary the temperature anywhere from 37°F to a cozy room temperature, which averages between 68 and 72°F.

7. What are Frozen's electrical requirements?
Frozen operates on a standard 120-volt system, compatible with regular household plugs. Plug it in like any common appliance, and you're good to go.

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Questions about Medical Sauna?

Questions about Medical Sauna?

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